Fuji Stain Remover Carpet - Fabric - Upholstery Stain Wipe All Surfaces
Thanks to its neutral PH, on all surfaces where heavy oils (organic and inorganic) are present, in tools and equipment.In the cleaning of all areas of the hotels (kitchen, restaurant, carpet, pool sides, boiler room).It is used in yacht and ship cleaning (teak, bilge and general area).Auto maintenance stations, repair and maintenance services.
In car hairdresser and washing services, in the detailed cleaning of the engine and interior.
In the manufacture of machinery and industrial machinery.Cleaning of oil and dirt in textile manufacturing (in vehicles, machinery and equipment).Parts cleaning in the aircraft industry. In exterior and interior cleaning care, plastic and textile components.Protein residues accumulated on the floor in food manufacturing industries are used for cleaning and disinfection of organic oils. In the cleaning of all kinds of tools and equipment in the vehicle maintenance, machine maintenance and supply sections of public institutions providing public services.It is especially used for cleaning garbage collection vehicles and containers with heavy oil and dirt.In the cleaning and hygiene of the places where garbage collection containers are located and nearby.Periodic maintenance and repair of cooling and heating devices.It can be used safely in the machinery and weapon industry without corrosion to the metal surface.Thanks to its formula, it destroys 18 bacteria in the areas where it is used.It is diluted 10 times and used in office machines (computer, fax, telephone).It can be used safely in cleaning aluminum and plastic windows.