Payitaht - Ottoman Fragrance Series / Lily & Saffron - 200ml
Payitaht Ottoman Fragrance Series Lily & Saffron Eau De Cologne Glass Permanent Perfumed Cologne Glass Bottle 200 Ml
The magnificent scent of Lily & Saffron is with you...
Our colognes, inspired by Ottoman chic designs, have completed our special series with their permanent scents.
The most preferred perfume colognes of the future will leave pleasant smells on your skin and provide refreshment and freshness during the day.
Product; It is suitable for use for the whole body.
Top notes: Floral Lily Scent is felt.
In the bottom notes, there is the unique scent of Saffron that will make you feel special.
Product ; IT IS UNISEX. (Male - Female Suitable for Use.)
Our product, which has an extremely stylish and decorative package that you can gift to your loved ones, contains 80 Degree Alcohol.
It is a pourable and glass bottle.