About Us

Established in 1978 by Musa UĞURLU in Vefa, the historical district of Istanbul, our company, as a company that renews itself day by day from cosmetics to personal care, from detergents to cologne with its years of knowledge, experience and trained staff, and makes its name known in 45 countries of the world with its innovative products continues its investments with the rightful pride of serving.

Our products are produced in hygienic conditions and with ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14001:2004 quality management, SGS, SASO, GMP, TSE and CERTIFICATE OF FREE SALES certificates. Our company follows the quality and customer satisfaction moment by moment and we, as the Yeşil Ilgaz Kozmetik family, continue on our way by saying "The measure of success is quality".

As YEŞİL ILGAZ KOZMETIK, our quality policy consists of the following indispensable elements that aim to ensure the continuity of its exemplary and innovative structure with our production experience, the current technology we use, our experienced and qualified workforce to produce quality products that meet the demands and expectations of our customers, to increase customer satisfaction, to fully realize the requirements of our quality management systems in all our fields of activity and to ensure that their effectiveness is constantly improved, to ensure that our products comply with customer demands, national and international standards and legal regulations and ensure their continuity by prioritizing the occupational health and safety of our employees, which is our effort, to support their professional and social development, quality awareness with continuous training programs and activities, to ensure that their motivation is kept at the highest level, to protect the environment and natural resources while continuing our activities, to ensure the continuity of the successes we have achieved within the framework of our quality policy, is to ensure that our employees moving to higher levels and developing our brand awareness within their common goals.

Our factory, located on an area of ​​14000 sqm in Edirne - Lalapaşa region, under the roof of YEŞİL ILGAZ KOZMETIK, thanks to its high production capacity, superior product quality, advanced technological infrastructure, expert staff, the importance it attaches to the environment and human health and years of experience, 30,000 bottle fillings per day, 700,000 liters on a yearly basis, cologne and a total of 10.000 tons of gel, air freshener, bamboo air freshener, hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, hand-body cream, detergent, laundry tablet, multi-purpose surface cleaners, acetone, rose water, hair wax, hair mask, manufactures product groups including hair dryer, hair serum, massage oil and lavender oil - water.

50% of the production is exported to 45 countries of the world, mainly Europe, America, North Africa, Gulf and CIS countries, and the rest is met with the consumer through domestic wholesalers and market channels.

In addition, lavender is cultivated in our fields of approximately 100.000 sqm in Çanakkale - Gallipoli region and it is used as a component in nearly 30 products by removing oil and water during the harvest period in July every year. Lavender oil and water obtained with completely natural and special methods have become one of the most important indicators of our company's perspective on organic agriculture.